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Health & Wellness Videos

Welcome to Our Health & Wellness Video Library

Bridging Health Clinic’s focus is on teaching and empowering our clients and the surrounding community. Part of that commitment is offering informative videos demonstrating how you can manage and maintain your health in your own home, often using ingredients found in your kitchen, backyard or local grocery store or farmer’s market. We invite you to revisit this page often as more videos get added. Also, please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel to get notified when new videos are posted.

Introduction to Self Massage

Empower yourself and learn more about self care massage so you can take care of your own aches and pains! Take some time and get a brief overview of self massage in this short video. This is part of our Sharing & Caring series episode 3. Stay tuned for follow up videos on massage.

Trigger Point Therapy: The Foundation of Self Care Massage

Join us and discover the power of trigger point therapy, which is the foundation of self care massage. This is a continuation of our Sharing & Caring series episode 4, which builds on our previous short video: Introduction to Self Massage.

Caring for Your Feet using Massage Tools and Simple Techniques

Show your feet some love, and take that next step in your pathway to true wellness!! Join us in this short video and discover a simple method to massaging your feet.

How to Keep Your SCOBYs Alive & Happy!

SCOBYs are the life of kombucha. They are a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast. They might look scary, but don’t let their looks deter your creativity and health. Learn how to keep them happy and alive in this short video.

How to Ferment Vegetables Using a Brining Method

Boost your gut biome and tantalize those taste buds with this easy fermenting method. Brining is a straightforward method to fermentation that everyone can do!! Check out this short video if you need a quick guide to get started.

Honey Mead Video Screen

How to Make Honey Mead with Lemon Balm

Honey mead is the oldest known fermenting method, and is thought to be over 4-5,000 years old. Practice this ancient art and make a nice honey mead with lemon balm to share with friends and family at your next get together. Follow your taste buds and try your own combination of herbs or fruits!!


How to Ferment Vegetables Using a Salting Method

Fermented vegetables at the store are very expensive, so take some time to save your money while improving your health in this video. Follow this simple guide and start building your art of fermentation. Enjoy, have fun, and unleash your creative side after learning this salting method!

Making Fresh Lavender Ointment

Tired of overpriced lotions, salves, and ointments that are filled with unknown ingredients and chemicals? Then check out this video to learn one of the many ways to infuse your own oils with herbs. You can create a care-free and safe topical ointment that can be shared with friends and family.

Tinctures: What Are They & Why You Should Make Them

Want to make your own medicine? Then take a few minutes to learn about tinctures! They are a great way to start learning about plants and herbs. Join us in this short video series, “Sharing & Caring,” and take the next step in your pathway to true wellness.

How to Make a Fresh Plant Tincture with Hyssop

Join us in the short video and learn how to make tinctures using fresh plants from your own garden!

Ferments: What are They & How do They Benefit You?

Want to improve your gut health? Then take a few minutes to learn about fermented foods. Join us in this short video series, “Sharing & Caring,” and take the next step in your pathway to true wellness.

Cannabis Tincture Video

How to Make Dry Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis is a powerful plant with growing interests as the laws change. Don’t let industry undermine nature by extracting single components of this plant, such as CBD or THC, and then push them into the public. Focus on FULL plant extracts where all the plant constituents are extracted and can work together when ingested into the body. Join us in this short video and learn how to make a dry cannabis tincture using hemp.


Relieve those Aching Calves with Self-Massage

Learn a simple way to massage your calves using a foam roll and a tennis ball. Show some love to these hard-working muscles!! It will change your life. 

Managing Hamstrings and Glutes with Self-Massage

Take your muscle health into your own hands by learning some tips and tricks to release trigger points in the back of the thighs and buttocks. Lower back pain? Pain in the back of the knee? Tight hips? Take a look at this video first!

Oh My Quad! Those are Tight!!

Relax those quads to manage lower back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. This video will show you how to use a foam roll and tennis ball to roll out trigger points in your thighs.

Alleviate Back, Shoulder, and Neck Tension with Self-Massage

It’s all too common to hear about upper back pain, neck stiffness, and even tension headaches. This short video will give you a sense of relief as you learn easy ways to roll out trigger points in the back, shoulder, and neck muscles.

How to Self-Massage Chest and Abdominal Muscles

We are all guilty of slouching!! Relieve this abdominal tension and correct your forward shoulder posture with the help of a medicine ball. Have fun and enjoy your pathway to true wellness!

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